Château Garraud-Treytins

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The Vineyard

Located northeast of Bordeaux, in the Libourne area, the vineyard covers around 36 hectares in the Lalande de Pomerol Appellation and slightly more than 5 hectares in the Montagne Saint-Emilion Appellation.

Soil type

The soils are very diverse (clay, gravel, clay-gravel).

Average age of vines

Around 30 years old.

Grape varieties

More than 80% Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Planting density

Around 6 000 vines/ha 

Vineyard management

Double Guyot pruning, bud removal, sustainable soil enrichment, leaf thinning, green harvesting if necessary, ploughing, managed grass cover, harvesting when the grapes reach perfect maturity.


Vine treatments only if necessary (with preference given to more environmentally-friendly products and application methods), effluent treatment, the use of local suppliers when possible, and selective waste management.