Château Garraud-Treytins
Château Garraud-Treytins

Welcome to the website of SAS Château GARRAUD-TREYTINS
(former SAS Léon Nony Vineyards)


After many exciting years devoted to develop this vineyard, we have decided to hand it over to the ESNEE family. We warmly thank all those who accompanied us over the years all around the world. We have no doubt that Pierre and Marie-Laure ESNEE will take over successfully and bring even further this vineyard which has so many qualities. 

The NONY family


This is a family-owned French group (S.D.2.P – Société de Développement Professionnel Pierre Esnée) belonging to Marie-Laure and Pierre ESNEE, specialized, until now, in the hospitality universe, which today expends its activities with the acquisition of the wine estate “Vignobles Léon Nony”.

As you know, located in Néac, in the geological extension of the high terrace of Pomerol, the Léon Nony vineyards extend over forty-six acres and produce each year approximately 200.000 bottles of Château Garraud, L’Ancien, Château Treytins in appellation Lalande de Pomerol (41HA) and the Château Treytins in appellation Montagne Saint-Emilion (6HA).

These wines express to the best of their ability the complexity and the richness of their terroir. Fruits from a meticulous and reasoned culture, they are the best expression of the grape varieties Merlot (80%), Cabernet Franc (17%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (3%), the noble grapes of this historical region.

In order to respond to the high societal expectation of a clean viticulture, the turning point to an organic agriculture will be taken as of August 2019 and will allow to put, even more forward, our terroir and its singularity with a new model of sustainable production, respectful of the men as well as their environment.

Furthermore, renovation works on the whole estate, and significant investments will be made this year: new concrete vat, new breeding cellars, extension, total rehabilitation of the site, new growing materials, etc. These improvements, to attain the ambitions that we have for this beautiful estate.

The estate, which new denomination is « SAS Château Garraud-Treytins » will be entirely managed by Marie-Laure and Pierre ESNEE, who will personally invest themselves in the management of the property.

To accompany us in this reconversion, we will be supported by two new consultants: Stéphane BEURET for the operational management and Stéphane DERENONCOURT incarnating the new generation of consultants in viticulture and viniculture.

The wines


Sas Château Garraud-Treytins
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